Something is Out There • Art Zoo (Aleah Angeles, Abi Dionisio, Jayson Cortez, Kokoy Dela Cruz, Rudolph Doane, Edwin Martinez, Marc Salamat, Yao Sampana, Kim Santiago, Satchi Tan, Chelsea Theodossis, Papi Umali, Welbart, Guest Artist One Cubacub, Guest Artist Faye Pamintuan) in collaboration with Froilan Calayag

Feb 6 to Mar 2, 2020 • Tall Gallery

Something is Out There calibrates the artists’ worldview within a realm of awareness that there are different planes of existence. It’s an examination of personal relationships with presence and absence revealed through art objects transformed into vessels of stories within this space and time.

Presence/Existence is burdened by operating with sensitivities to how the world works. The exhibiting artists provide for us images to use as mirrors – bearers of life and strength, individuals in search of their identities or of their places in society and roles in nature, personifications of calm, pretense, or empathy. Demonstrations of idiosyncrasies, history, risk-taking, and brotherhood; objects of remembrance, distraction, the youth, contact, transformation, and bonds serve as cues for us to dive in the sea of meanings. This exhibition serves as a voice from the north as compiled by the artist collective Art Zoo. Informally established in 2008 by a circle of friends who mostly are from the College Fine Arts of Bulacan State University, the group has been showcasing their works in different spaces since 2013. Their unofficial gathering area, Welbart’s studio and garden, has been their sanctum for conversations on art and life and has been their playground for exploring ideas as content in their art-making. Within the parameters of the gallery, we are presented with a collection of concerns from their side of the world to open up the dialogues to a wider audience.

Absence/Emptiness is a promise of things to come. There are works here that explore the state of being: a process of self-exploration and acceptance through the use of things that are memorials; an articulation of the self as energy, and in its gaps, the narratives of our own making; a revelation on losing the self. There are metaphors of life’s journeys faced with tranquility and storm; struggles with love, responsibility, joy, sacrifice, and hurt come with this voyage. Multiple paintings will leave us enthralled with the display of a high level of mastery of the medium; a showcase of how artistic standards can be achieved and be inspired by peers. Some experiments are visible while some techniques will envelop us with the aura of art – the atmosphere that displays objects, not as mere items but as receptacles of untold narratives and coded messages. More than a showcase of artistry prudently cradled in the province of Bulacan, this exhibition is a collective remembering of what/who is here and what/who has transformed and traveled before us. It is a cathartic moment as we move from our emptiness to our continued existence. (Con Cabrera)