Anthology of Understanding • Krisada Suvichakonpong

Mar 6 to Apr 1, 2013 • Video Room

I started to take photos of this Studio Moment series since 2011 because I had a chance to visit an Artists’ studio.

I found that NATEE studio is very interesting because he applied many of still life and collectible figure to his “The illustration of crisis” series. He told me that all still lifes he chose in his works were carefully selected before deciding to use as models. Therefore, each still figure is unique with specific meaning. Most of Natee’s still life cannot be find from general market. Then, he spent tremendous of time and efforts to select for his works. This is the reason that when these still life are collected together at Natee’s studio, they create power and wonderful and interesting feeling as when we view his paintings.

I then would like to document the beauty and emotion of them inside Natee’ studio. I select to record in point of view that general people has no chance to view. Something looks ordinary but after carefully consideration, each of them is unique with inner beauty, which is able to well reflect, background and thinking of Artists.