Beer Weed • Robert Langenegger

Apr 20 to May 8, 2012 • Upstairs Gallery

Like many of Robert Langenegger’s previous exhibits, Beer Weed is composed of a random and powerful assortment of paintings, often unrestrained by a single or unifying theme or concept. The artist conjures dark scenes from intuition, capturing and enhancing images from a wild, imaginary world. The result is often a disturbing but haunting array of scenes: Death wet-nursing the young in an inebriated embrace, cornfields glowing with wild animals during the dead of night.

But the challenge of viewing Langenegger’s works is to beyond the initial shock: beyond the impulse to automatically disengage from viewing the gore, filth and danger of a world unmasked. The artist dares the viewer to go beyond the conventional and conservative bubble of one’s comfort zones, to open oneself to such strange encounters and see where this dangerous journey will lead to.