Benevolent Assassination • Kim Oliveros

Feb 4 to Feb 24, 2014 • Video Room

Kim Oliveros’ latest solo exhibition combines new paintings and clay bird sculptures. A graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, Angono-based Oliveros continues exploring representations of the Japanese geisha through painting, appropriating images from vintage photographs and postcards and rendering them as transient yet colorful figures.

Benevolent Assassination

Visible shapes amiss beyond
Anthesis yields to surprise attack

Beginning of or a final state
Continuum for eternal verite

When the lucent moon emits light
Shadows unraveled all the lies

Uttering sounds ululate through the dark
Streaming petals, aflame arrives

The flow of fluid with unclear muteness
A shot of perfidiousness to I and thee

Virid surfaces fabricate pain to pleasure
Sympathy evoked from caliber of hers

Benumbed culture, refined art
Unflapped wings and restricted mind

Arousing emotions bring inglorious end
Actuating touch through intangible breathe

Obliged apathy brought you to rotten sleep
Conveyed agony dragging you through trail of death

Recurrence of tales yet unlearned
Behold failures to unimagine mundane

—R. A. C.