Block: New Paintings • Paulo Vinluan

Aug 7 to Aug 30, 2014 • Video Room

Paulo Vinluan examines the visual image as a form of both transit and narrative in this suite of new paintings in acrylic on canvas.

Vinluan is interested in fluid nature and process of image-making, which can span several forms such as drawing to film animation to painting. The series is in fact a progression from an earlier piece: a video installation, titled Block, exhibited in Finale from December to January 2013. Produced through hand-drawn animation, Block portrayed a character constantly trying to shape a spherical object into a cube, spanning various references such as the mythological narrative of Sisyphus repeatedly rolling a boulder up a mountain to the the study of movement within a pinball machine game. The narrative and storyline revolves around these acts of shifting back and forth, in a constant attempt to reconfigure both object and space.

Vinluan also shares a biographical aspect to all of these little acts of reconfiguring, finding parallels between this process and his peregrine act of travelling back and forth between his residence in Brooklyn, US and his studio practice in Manila, Philippines. Constantly in transit between both locations, Vinluan re-evaluates and considers home as also a shifting state of being, not just a fixed cartographic point or a exclusively physical space.

Now capturing and unpacking the images in the animation through the media of painting, Vinluan draws out connections between the visual image and narrative sequence. Comprised of complex configurations based on three main forms—the human figure, the sphere and cube—the paintings combine surface, structure and story to capture this sense of continuous motion and transition.