Block • Paulo Vinluan

Dec 3, 2013, to Jan 2, 2014 • Tall Gallery

In this latest solo exhibition, Paulo Vinluan experiments with the use of short animation videos in an installation piece, demonstrating how narratives and story-telling, memory and movement take center stage in his works.

Attempting to reconfigure spherical shapes into a cube, the central character of Vinluan’s installation engages in the repetitive physical process of going back and forth, seeking to connect these with the artist’s own memories of the past and reflections on the present. The work contains spherical objects moving in seeming perpetuity: connoting the Sisyphean task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, the pinball that turns the rest of the tide. Similarly, Vinluan shuttles back and forth these past few years between Brooklyn, New York and Manila: two places he has learned to call home.

“My aim is to draw out relationships between seemingly disparate but connected objects, to make them exist in a singular plane and build histories around them,” Vinluan writes. The work explores the creation of these increasingly complex narratives unfolding through time and space, mirroring how the peregrine Vinluan re-evaluates the concept of home: not as a physical space but a moving, shifting state of consciousness.