Bodabil • Juni Salvador

Dec 3, 2013, to Jan 2, 2014 • Upstairs Gallery

Juni Salvador unveils Bodabil, a show of new installations, objects and framed works responding to the experience of being in transition as a migrant: defining the spaces between moving away and settling down. Salvador describes the state of floating flux he has been experiencing over the past years as “living a cliche’, being neither here not there, and living like a refugee.” I am my landscape, he says, declaring himself lost in the tangle of emotions and paths taken.

Engaged in art practice since the 1980s and relocating to Sydney, Australia in 2007, Salvador in recent years has focused on conceptual and mixed media works representing the individual experience of diaspora, domesticity and migration: of being a floating figure, a refugee in a land of promised hope. He currently lives and works in both Sydney and Manila.