Boundless • Neil Dela Cruz

Jul 13 to Aug 4, 2021 • Upstairs Gallery

In the Digital/Analog world.
These images? Yeah, The artworks.
What’s up with that.
It’s up to you, or it is up to me.

That painting. Is it allowed to be by itself?
Can be.
An infinity pool of color alienated strokes?
Can be.
Lines of force?
Can be.
Or they’re just a matter-of-factness.
“A compilation of the physical reality”?

But then again, it is a sensation of real presence and real action.
Or just another unexpected cure!
It’s up to you, or it is up to me.
These boundlessness,
The endlessness,
The self-sufficient dynamism.

It’s allowed to be by itself. That painting.
Oh, the paintings.

Let them be,
Can be?