Box Forts for Big Children • Yasmin Sison

Sep 4 to Sep 26, 2015 • Tall Gallery

Spells of wondering

Yasmin Sison’s solo exhibition takes off from the artist’s encounters with both childhood and play—seemingly the simplest yet most elusive of experiences. Through this series of new paintings, drawings, collages and small-scale assemblages, Sison reconfigures various images to surface the welcome disruptions and quiet states of entropy that play brings into an otherwise ordered world.

Box Forts For Big Children is about wonder, and “the attempt to find it and also sometimes the failure to achieve it”, the artist writes. Her resulting works toy with the illusions of scale and form, with dual states, and with intuitive juxtapositions: chronicling accidents and encounters with the process of artistic creation.

It is no surprise that this process of creative experimentation yields works in different media: from still life paintings of small objects masquerading as huge landscapes or interiors to drawings and collages yielding surprising narratives and configurations of form. Sison also references in her titles fairy tales and fantasies, retold and reread after the years have passed.

“Wonder is a verb as well as a noun. It is in the act of making and imagining that magic happens,” Sison writes. This foray into the pleasure of childhood play, however, goes beyond wistfulness for an unfolding past. For there is always a forward-looking wisdom in wondering; and the act itself serves as a starting point for creation and reflection, for insight and further introspection into the unknown.

—Lisa Ito