Collage Drop Outs • Juan Alcazaren, Felix Bacolor, Zeus Bascon, Patrick Cruz, Eugene Jarque, Rafeeza Khaliq, Romeo Lee, Rox Lee, Paul D. Miller, Izziyana Suhaimi, Mac Valdezco

Dec 2 to Dec 31, 2011 • Tall Gallery

Arrange, assemble, collect, choose, construct, collide, cut & paste, intervene, invade, juxtapose, jumble up, rip, remix, tear, trim assorted found materials and readymades.

This is a show about departures from collage, involving artists with certain sensitivity towards material. While collage was a strategy for destabilizing systems and conventions, its aesthetics seem more de rigueur than radical in our visual landscapes. Pasts are constantly recycled, conflicting cultures collide visually and spatially, and the collage cunning of displacement and disruption seems to have lost its point. An almost unlimited storehouse of image and sound resources is instantly accessible for sampling and consuming in the digital age, where private and public merge, and copyright becomes an increasingly testy and confusing issue. Is there now scope for the spirit of counterculture to operate, and for the aesthetics and process of collage to be meaningful? Does borrowing, or the sometimes preferred term, stealing, yield any more creative innovation or insights? Wherefore is one a collage artist? Here, we explore orthodox and less orthodox tangents from collage in theme, imagery, style and material. Circling the tangle between the crisis of collage and the drive to keep making and remaking the world from the scraps of human culture, we take a stab at widening interpretations of and evaluating collage’s bleed into contemporary artistic practices, somewhere between collage’s more traditional definitions as a medium-based category and how, in principle, everything today can be seen as collage.