(Cyber) Mystiq Tiger • Jeona Zoleta

Mar 3 to Apr 1, 2016 • Video Room

I am interested in the future of feelings that is funny and scattered and clueless. The future just makes me poop shiny alien cute poop. Painting for me is very primal and ancient like procreation and pollution in a hot dog show. It is like sailormoon cartoon feelings like sex in the sky with snow angels and baby snakes, failed orgasms, cake wrecks, lol at internet holes, 9gags & camzaps then crying in front of my webcam for ever because sometimes I just want surprise cuddles and cold stone and deep dark chocolate cakes because lyf stinks and its fun too and I get sick sad dreams and puffy eyes I just want to trip or its just when it becomes super psycho and crazy that I just wanna be inside of you. I am interested in my disinterest in group hugs and crystal balls and almost always obsessed with mysticism and free wifi and the lack thereof. I think in a certain degree I am a fantasy witch make-up kit exploding like my new iPhone 6. My paintings in this show is my 2d printed soul part 2 of 69.

Cyber Mystiq Tiger feels gangster blood boiling hot in my veins and spamming. There is no mystery in anger. It just shows like bubbles and rainbow.