Disassemblage • Ali Alejandro

Jun 4 to Jun 27, 2015 • Video Room

I’ve always found joy in disassembling machines. My first alarm clock; my first Playstation; an old 2 tone brick-game toy. It fascinates me to find out how all things work. The curiosity of knowing what goes on behind all the shiny plastic lets me understand more about the principles of a machine. Like a magic trick, looking into how the technique was executed, was more important to me then the “wow” factor. Maybe it’s just a form of habit, but I believe we all want to know how things work. Would you believe if Apple sold you a phone that works purely on mystical energy? As an artist and we as human beings, will always need to satisfy the hunger for knowing.

I believe my works fill the void of this fixation. My technique involves dismantling the art of animation into a more simplistic or rudimentary form. The intersection of video and hand-drawn lines on the surface of a TV screen can create the illusion of movement—not by sequential pictures, but with tricking your eyes and your mind. It is deceiving yet a simple trick nonetheless. Rather, the concept of the optical illusion becomes the focal point of interest. This is how I would want my audience to view my works.

Disassemblage taps on the fundamentals of perception. The way we perceive machines inside and out. The way lines can create movement. The way we could distinguish what we see and in turn become fascinated. As my first solo show, I would want viewers to wonder more on the aesthetics as a technique. Nothing as deep as what is right in front of you.