Does It Matter Who You Are? • Yasmin Sison, Mariano Ching

Nov 17 to Dec 12, 2017 • Tall Gallery

Calamity reeks through the air. In every turn, a bombardment of issues and negativity seep through our every day. Mariano Ching and Yasmin Sison’s two-man exhibition “Does It Matter Who You Are?” is a series of portraits that seize the apprehensions and anxieties of living in today’s political climate. As though in deep
breaths, paint turns into a receptacle for dispositions and hopes felt in this time of uncertainty.

There is on one hand a set of fictional images exposing mangled forms against an otherwise natural landscape. Each abstracted figure makes manifest a sense of helplessness, anger and frustration, that is slightly subdued with a certain lightness in choice of tone and palette. This impressionistic motif becomes an entry point for articulations of awareness and sensations that persist beyond words.

On the other hand, realistic depictions of children on the cusp of adulthood pose with a confident nonchalance. Brought forth by an innocence and curiosity that is unburdened by the weight of society, an empowering quiet courage is seen through complicated looks that know and yet still hold a sense of optimism. While time remains on their hands at the moment, the truth of its passage is cleverly alluded to through the movement of water and the ephemerality of the bubbles.

Portraiture goes beyond the figures that stand before them. The veracity that is captured is in the crevices, the little details, the stares and the shifts in color. Remedy is not provided for the gravity of these troubled times; instead, a sympathy in the stillness is carefully offered for a certain past and a future that we all hold onto.

—Iris Ferrer