Encased Narratives • Pablo Biglang-awa

Oct 15 to Nov 9, 2020 • Upstairs Gallery

Inter-media artist, Pablo Biglang-awa’s artworks investigate dynamics created by pulling force between the illusion of depth and planarity of the literal surface. As the foreground and background constantly shifts its hierarchy, the focal point of the image remains unfixed, transcending beyond its mimetic function to reflect emotional and psychological plane of human conditions.

Biglang-awa’s solo exhibition “Encased narratives” features recent works that examine domestic space, which has become the main stage of life under the pandemic conditions. Applying the perspective peculiar to the digital architectural model, the works in the exhibition makes salient how the human mind and imagination fill the empty architectural vessel and intimately weaves a sense of home. The books fly out of the card box, scattering and attaching letters in the space. While light coming in from the outside creates gentle membranes in the dwelling, it simultaneously throws dark shadows on the corners. In the contrast of light and darkness, home, a symbol of protection emerges as a mirror of the emotional roller coaster. The colorful lyrical lines create movement to the image, as if conjuring the spirit of the house, whispering to the residents. Home is portrayed here as a micro-ecology, in which the inhabitants engage in continuous dialogue with the physical structure. Memories and imaginations are not just projected on the flat wall but emerge from the interaction with it.

The highly psychological nature of Biglang-awa’s paintings owes to the artist’s acute sense of framing the scene, which gives each image a quality akin to storyboard; thus allowing the viewer to imagine them in a sequence and construct stories through the emotions and associations evoked. Speaking to each viewer’s unconscious, Biglang-awa’s artwork reflects the psychological state of the viewer.

Mayumi Hirano