Epistolary • Lyra Garcellano

Sep 2 to Sep 27, 2011 • Upstairs Gallery

In a continuation of her exhibit “Indelible” held last March in Singapore, Lyra Garcellano presents “Epistolary,” paintings in keeping with her ongoing exploration of space, time and memory.

Again, ghostly images of solitary figures melding with echoing rooms examine the idea of imprints and suggest that each personal or collective experience leaves almost visible stains on the body as well as an enduring ache.

Garcellano defines notions of recollection not only on the body but also in the use of physical space. With layers of wallpaper peeled off the gallery walls, she indicates that while memory may smear both body and mind, time in its passage also allows erasure.

Conversations on the translations of time are recurrent characteristics of Garcellano’s works. Contemplating sentiments of home — impressions on presence and absence, arrivals and leavings, stasis and movement – constitutes the artist’s perpetual letters to herself.