Facce • Ian Quirante

Aug 5 to Aug 27, 2011 • Upstairs Gallery

Facets of the Subconscious

Ongoing until August 27 at Finale is Facce, Ian Quirante’s one-man exhibition of new works in acrylic on canvas. Facce (Italian for ‘faces’) features Quirante’s portraits conjured from a mélange of the visceral and the surreal. While his earlier body of works were generally comprised of fantastic and fragmented scapes fused from body parts, barren lands, and incomprehensible texts, this exhibition unveils Quirante’s current series of works which center on the face: the physical countenance confronting the gaze, the center of identity, memory, and self.

Like in his previous works, Quirante’s portraits are composites spontaneously constructed from seemingly random images: dismembered body parts, floating alien forms and organic shapes, entrails and eyes, strange formulas and lab flasks, birds and skulls, fire brimming out of volcanoes. The artist describes these juxtaposed representations as “fragmented images of religion, science, literature and people who helped and inspired me to evolve.” Alluding to personal narratives and iconographies, Quirante’s vivid portraits are compelling and multi-faceted representations of both reality and memory.