Fallen Drops • Keiye Miranda

Jan 8 to Jan 31, 2015 • Tall Gallery

Flow and flux

Keiye Miranda’s exhibition of new works captures her fascination with the transfiguration of water. Her paintings are an exploration of fluid states: how the visual image is altered in the acts of immersion and submersion, in the exposure to liquid and moisture.

In this series, she selects found images, such as religious icons and personal belongings; using water and glass to manipulate and alter how they are represented through painting. This play on perspective is seen by the artist as an attempt to transcend the movement of thought: to capture in a fleeting moment the flux of identities, experiences, thoughts and memories.

The paintings add to Miranda’s collection of works which are rich and replete with images of water. Both transformed and transformative, water can change the shape of bodies and sites, perspective and personal space. In her exploration of this medium, Miranda’s works swim through several complex undercurrents: threat in the exposure to damp and flow; emotion in their capacity to evoke tears of joy or pain; and fascination in their ever changing states of being.

—Lisa Ito