Falls Versus Finds • Wire Tuazon

Jan 8 to Jan 31, 2015 • Upstairs Gallery and Video Room

Thrill of the chase

Wire Tuazon creates an interface between the fields of painting and performance art in this exhibition of new paintings and installation. Looking at performance art as a complex social act, Tuazon reflects on its roots in historical gestures antithetical to market-driven practice, exploring how they connect to current conditions and the somber exigencies of contemporary art practice.

The works in the Upstairs Gallery feature paintings that resonate with Tuazon’s concurrent exhibition, Performance Art vs Performance Art, at the Art Stage Singapore 2015 fair this month. Inside the Video Room, on the other hand, is a participatory installation work, Shooting (Art) Stars. Within these two spaces, Tuazon seeks out and isolates various moments of performance art, transforming them into objects and installations. Revisiting and appropriating documentation of works, objects and actions produced by contemporary artists, Tuazon draws out an art historical dialogue between past and present forms of practice.

Tuazon adopts the figure of the hunter-gatherer as a metaphor for the acts of collating found images: denoting how performance is recollected and re-presented in a different time, place and context in his work. The artist as a hunter-gatherer of images is a fitting symbol for this search for reflexive practice. It frames the impulse to capture as both a necessary act of survival and an extension of desire. For the thrill of the chase, ultimately, lies in the pursuit of prey and targets constantly elusive, escaping capture and control.

—Lisa Ito