Flayed and Frayed • Paola Germar

Nov 7 to Dec 3, 2016 • Video Room

Paola Germar presents anatomical constructions through a series of assemblages, offering a taxonomic peek at bodily structures lying just beneath surface and skin. The exhibit’s title, Flayed and Frayed, draws a parallelism between the mortal fragility of both skin and fabric: how they both serve as sheaths for the strange world of anatomical forms inhabiting and comprising the human body. Germar—whose academic background encompasses painting, fashion, and art—manipulates various materials to denote the contrast cast by both the stark whiteness of bone and the ruddy rawness of flesh, stripped off in varying degrees of exposure. Like specimens on display, the works evoke a sense of reflexive recoil at the grotesque. But they also ask one to probe deeper into these curious forms arising from the functions of evolution and natural design.

—Lisa Ito