Fools’ Paradise • Nikki Ocean

Jan 17 to Feb 11, 2019 • Video Room

Is the calm meditation app free? How much does 10 Happier cost? How much is the Calm App? Is Headspace or Calm better? What is Happify App?

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Many animals like sloths and koalas don’t like being held; being carried around to pose for selfies could cause them great amounts of distress. What’s more, many such animals are taken from their natural habitat and traded in exploitative ways so that people can take selfies on holiday.

Two American men have been arrested for posting a photo on Instagram revealing their butts at Wat Arun, a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. Running an Instagram account called the Traveling Butts, they post photos of themselves with their pants pulled down around the world. The account had over 14,000 followers. They remain in police custody even after paying a fine of 5,000 baht ($150 USD) each, and could face up to seven years in prison.

So, to prepare you for your beach vacation, we have gathered the best Beach Instagram Captions for your photos: High tides, good vibes. Sea you soon. Beach days always. Salty but sweet. Girls just wanna have sun. Happiness comes in waves. You are the piña to my colada.

(To Yoga Selfie, Or Not To Yoga Selfie? — THAT is the question.)

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