Fractions • Roma Valles

Aug 5 to Aug 27, 2011 • Tall Gallery

Opening at the Tall Gallery of Finale Art File on Aug. 5 is Roma Valles’ Fractions. In this exhibit, the artist presents the material world in its complexity and detail, zooming-in on what seems to be its abstract, nebulous components. Arguing for the expression of the particular, the artist says that reality is composed of “tiny details that are in the abstract” which, when one takes a more expanded look, “become a cropped detail of what is real.” The fractioning of a slice of reality is conceptually carried in the diptych and triptych works; each panel is complete but is resonant with the rest, composing a larger context and demolishing the artificial boundaries of edges and surfaces, as if to affirm and make evident the underlying energy that constitutes all things.