Ghost • Nikki Ocean

Aug 11 to Sep 5, 2016 • Upstairs Gallery

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.”

—Henry David Thoreau

To eat alone, take my bites, and savor time. To sleep alone and lay my being on a bedspread of dreams, wrapped in sheets of twilight conversations. To plant myself in muddy waters and bloom like the Lotus. To wage a war inside myself until I learn to jump the dragons and pilot their course.

To know thyself before I am seized by the torrents, so I may flow in the chaos of it all. To sit still in the burn of worldly fires. To swim barely in the cold waters of the lonely. To understand the beautiful flame that stings and warms us all.

Because only in the darkness can I love the stars.

To pray and greet the silence, and come to terms with mine.

Never assume that quiet is weak and loud is strong.
Gentleness is a different form of radical.

I am essence, and ghost.