I don’t want to talk about it • ND Harn

Mar 6 to Jun 4, 2020 • Video Room

Our lives flow beyond the surface of what we can see from the outside. Our body is but a vessel which houses a far deeper and richer world living within us. In moments of silence or reflection, we are brought to a space where we experience a feeling of immensity and expansiveness unbound by physical limitations. It holds intimate secrets and records every dream, hope, desire, and memory. The nature of our inner world echoes the nature of life-giving water; we draw upon it to nourish, heal, revitalize and purify our very being. It enriches and validates how we come to make sense of ourselves.

However, even the waters of our inner world can be contaminated and fatal. Its depths can choke us and drown us with its force so strong that it can overpower and consume us. It can be toxic— remembeing every pain, regret, harmful habit and thought that are destructive in nature. More often than not, it can leave us broken and hollow. And what is both equally fascinating and terrifying is that it is easier to circle back in this state compulsively—to be in the dark.

ND Harn’s first solo exhibition reflects the inner space she finds herself dwelling in. The process of repeatedly printing chosen images serves as a metaphor to represent how these specific memories recur in her psyche and unknowingly stir strong emotional responses. And the instinctive way to address these moments is to cover it in scribbles in an attempt to hide what is lingering beneath the surface. To be constantly caught in this vicious and exhausting cycle—an endless push and pull, the artist can only say “I Don’t Want to Talk About It”. (Danna Espinosa)