I Swallowed My Hard Drive • Jeona Zoleta

May 4 to May 28, 2018 • Video Room

Babe I swallowed my cellphone! I swallow myself in the process
Peel to Reveal The Interiors of the Stomach
From the point of view of my guts – Glow-in-the-dark Ice Age Presents
The Hoarder’s Guide to Find Deep Truths about You in Me
The Poison and the Cure is the Same. Delete. DELETE. Space. ENTER. My pet roach just laid eggs in my brain. This is not the end of the hunt but an exchange of recognizable patterns and handshakes. Mutants must wear layers of shoes with stripes and checks for an extreme sports vibe. See Blindness as vision. See Glow-in-the-Dark Slides. Glow-in-the-dark cockroach. Glow-in-the-dark enema. PetitPuberty Glow-in-the-dark Toilet Graffiti
Multiple Choice.
True or False? Long ago, there were no creatures on earth at all but slowly over millions of years the first living things developed. Their outfits were made of prehistoric algae. They were made of metallic aquatic slush and froth that covered much of the world like saliva sculptures. I like them because they glow-in-the-dark like goosebumps in my skin when I glimpse a friendly ghost. So here is a recipe to reduce rationality that my mother’s grandfather’s father’s half-sister’s cousin’s daughter’s baby’s adopted brother’s aunt’s ex-husband’s wife’s unfertilized egg’s pet crocodile’s whore who was a cannibal passed on to me. This hand me down potions are Failed Science Experiments Executed by Tribal Societies from the private albino jungle gardens of the apocalypse. This is not something that I planned but my only inheritance! Let me put a smile and spew them out like broken teeth. Expect Asylum overdose with this Low-fat, Low-bat, Low-res, Low-carb, Low-Cost Glow-in-the-dark ice cream! Scatter with ancient savage sprinkles made with powdered skulls.
True or False? You see that I see you become part of the sky. I name a few cloud formations before it bursts into tears and become anti-fungal creams that smell like halitosis. Even in the harshest climates adapting quickly to change you will find me. What am I? More importantly who are you? What are you to be auctioned online?
True or False? Relevant question Is a cockroach clean? I am listening intently with my stethoscope to the ants carrying a dead cockroach explain to other ants gossip about other insects like termites in the parade of pests the importance of painting as their natural habitat. Accumulated dust can be snorted. Paintings should be preserved in honey. I want my body to be some body that designs dreams, nightmares and star signs.
Is this clean? Are you clean? My hands are dirty and if the air is too cold I fancy some street slang, but sometimes all the swirls in the tongue in the mouth are hard to recognize when you have frostbite. Fish variations, Cobra variations, Variations with Legs Apart, Lotus positions and then I surrender to the drift of butterflies. These are preparatory exercises for Spoiled Rotten Bratz trying out new force fields in fashion full of wrinkles, gastric folds and dried vomit.
True or Falls? If I false would you ever truly, will I ever forcibly falsify? When will I possibly ever? Why do you ever ever ever ever ever ever ever whatever ever ever Bothered by any of the evers in forever Projects. I snorkel for spells conceived by folds of dead skin cells carved in seashells. Sssshhhhhh… Flush first and use the bidet. Bidet. Bidet your body with glitter glue. Bidet your foamy face wash and shampoo with sodium laureth sulfates. The water from the bubble tea near me is from my neighbor’s bathroom bidet. If in doubt Please! Boil! Thrice! Save water! Drink slow! Save files.
True of False? Pets stare at pictures explaining the signs and symbols to their humans. Dogs and cats staring at themselves have a vacation online in a tablet of apple and all sorts of memory card readers and usbs. brands like Samsung, Sony, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Coca-cola etc. etc. Do not scream like plants do when they are thirsty. They fall from your hands or you accidentally push over a soda on your keyboard and poof! Emergency calls! You are deep in debt and your savings are spent. Reasons to Camouflage in Captivity. Move to another country. Hide your scented soap smells. Cough up the cheap cologne. You will know You’ve got your troubles and I’ve got mine. You will need a flowerpot, a stick (twice the height of the flowerpot) and a black marker or crayon to mark the position of the sunshine.
True or False? Green Potatoes are poisonous when given to children ages 0-100. Beyond these years peeling this potato before boiling destroys the chemical called solanine and best eaten raw but what I would like to do next is Analyze Soil Samples.
True or False? Karma is like garbage juice. Drink up. It tastes like live flesh in the computer screen. Electric fluids carry out biological processes.
True or False? Pink rainbow drop eye shadow in my feather collection. Starting life as a male I become a female frequently changing sex climate change after climate change. It is painful to change sex in champagne. I will increase your sex drive.
True or False? Only if the center of gravity is directly above the base will the object be in equilibrium. Finding your balance takes time but when in doubt try these methods. From a pivot point 1 to a pivot point 2 hang a length of weighted thread from the same pivot and urinate. Urinate on candles, flowers and plants during a full moon. This helps the albino jungle to float in the crust of ice melt for years and years and years and billions of years. In all instances, Avoid icebergs. Peligroso!
True enough fungi are very strange curious plants. They produce slime that flies feed on. Fairies collect their spores and droppings then turn them to magic dust. Blow by blow, in and out of the sun, a waterproof skin can be achieved with constant application, maybe 600 times a day until the bottle runs out. No need to recycle. Set aside and wait a few more hundred days after your birthday. Set on Fire.
True or False? The lungs is enveloped by a thick blanket of dangerous gases called the atmosphere. Without this blanket to protect you, you we would be stoneware by day and frozen like the cartoons at night. There are special precautions to protect you from pressure effects. Or you will turn into a tiny toon aqua beads.
True or False? I weigh about 6.4 million billion trillion gazillion pounds and I look like a giant ball of flaming pink fur. It’s very, very cute. There is no cure. I cannot be explained. What Am I?
Which is which? Without a doubt just chill in the toilet and read the vandals. Inject yourself with pleasure and pain. Smash a bottle of whisky. Be born without sexual intercourse. If its not fun its not from the Internet. Do not go further than this debris. Choose Your Own Adventure Pack.
Come Visit Nature’s Sweetest Miracle. All you have to do is taste it to understand!
Please. Do not scratch and sniff the toilet seat. Put on your best lipstick and leave a note and a kiss on the mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?
Very Raw. Do not Refrigerate.