In The Space Between Raindrops • Jonathan Ching

Nov 10 to Nov 30, 2012 • Tall Gallery

In the Space Between Raindrops, Jonathan Ching’s latest one-man show, showcases the artist’s new paintings as well as works on mixed media. Known for his use of multiple references and subtle allusions, Ching’s new series of works presents more visual cues and symbols for the viewer to decode. An interesting feature of Ching’s recent body of paintings is his incorporation of copper objects, fusing painting and sculpture into a single piece. He attaches cast copper pieces into the medium of oil on canvas, using them to create embossed texts in works such as Galaxy and three-dimensional objects, such as metal fish floating around the desolate interior spaces of works such as East of Eden, West of Prague. The artist first experimented with using a combination of copper and bronze pieces in paintings since 2009, as seen in previous solo exhibits such as Where in the World is Botero’s Leg (2010) and When the Saints Go Marching In (2010). By attaching these metal objects on to his paintings, Ching creates markers of meaning that literally stand apart from the two-dimensional surface of canvas and paint. Ching further experiments with composite media by incorporating found objects and smaller paintings into single compositions—creating assemblages of curious images pointing to connections between seemingly disparate realities and contexts. Ching’s often surreal representations combine seemingly incongruent images, utilized to intentionally alter one’s perception and reception of the things represented.This can be seen in works such as In the Space Between Raindrops, where a boat rests on a sea of grass, docked on dry land beside a lighted brick building. Such disjunctions in imagery leave the viewer with a sense of heightened dissonance, hidden clues to something amiss. Jonathan Ching is among the members of the arts collective Surrounded by Water, which successfully established an alternative artist-run space from 1998 to 2004. He obtained degrees in Civil Engineering and Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines in Diliman.