Labyrinthine • Keiye Miranda

Feb 4 to Feb 27, 2016 • Video Room

As an element, water best symbolizes the process of passage: flux and transition from one state to another. Keiye Miranda explores a new facet to her iconic paintings of bodies in water: as a space where symbols for the transience of things are suspended.

Titled Labyrinthine, the series of new works revolves around the artist’s personal reflections on loss, life and death, memory and time. Miranda gathers wilted flowers from a memorial park after All Souls’ Day, submerging them in water. She combines these with small wooden boats, laced with coloured fabric: merging textile, flora and fluid as abstracted fragments of a fleeting world. The resulting images, captured through the act of painting, magnify these quiet states of fragility: blossoms eventually wilt and wither, while boats move away to other places. The act of submersion is associated in various cultures with rites of cleansing and purification; while water itself connotes sojourns both physical and symbolic. Combining the two, Miranda’s paintings point to how things can be momentarily purified, revisited and seen anew amidst the momentariness of existence.

—Lisa Ito