Ligaw • Raffy Napay

Oct 18 to Nov 8, 2018 • Upstairs Gallery

Lush, complex, and expressionistic, this suite of large-scale works by Raffy T. Napay, one of this year’s recipients of Thirteen CCP Artists Awards. Invites us to glory and get lost in the charged almosphere of his visionary forest, in which mature is revealed as the untamed expansive force that it is, whose sense of order is generated from chaos and spontaneity. Such an exuberance of detail necessitates a multiplicity of media from oil slick, to acrylic to spray paint to appliques. and, of course, to Napay’s beloved threads-multi-variant, multi-colored, and manipulated into a variety of processes that include sewing, tufting, and braiding. The immediacy of Napay’s created world discloses the difficult, almost Herculean labor, The expenditure of energy becomes leaves, trellises, terns, flowers, and a wild variety of otherworldly Hora.

The power of Napay’s work is its ability to disengage our anchor, unmoor us, and usher us, with eyes wide open to the theater of his stupendous technique. There is no mistaking the work of the hand, but the narrative dream in which we are delivered as we get absorbed into his works is never compromised. We are made heirs to the teeming. bristling world dense with growth. blossoming, and phenomena, foregrounded by the Interlacing across the panels, which also presupposes their vital symbiotic relationships. Time and time again, we are enjoined to participate to an exhilarating profound kind of freedom (“ligaw.” in Mindoro from where his family hails, means Tree”) through the act of decentering. But as important, we are bestowed a lavish joy that Napay unconditionally affords us through the marvel of his unforgettable creation.

—Carlomar Arcangel