Losing the Plot on the Grand Scheme of Things • Vic Balanon

Dec 3, 2013, to Jan 2, 2014 • Video Room

Vic Balanon fills Finale’s Video Room with film and wall-bound works in his latest one-man show entitled Losing the Plot on the Grand Scheme of Things. The show is a demonstration of the artist’s ease with the graphic image, illustrated and animated.

Balanon portrays the state of falling in several panels of works in pen and ink, creating a series of surreal and graphic scenes. The works, tinged in monochrome, collectively speak of being on the edge. Their subjects mostly clutch literal and figurative precipices, perilously in danger of losing one’s hold and falling to the ground. Balanon sustains this sense of tension throughout this series, producing frame after frame of impending descent. A separate installation piece, sharing the same title as the show, is produced from a 2-channel video animation loop and an original drawing as well.