Mga Bunga ng Kaligayahan • Redd Nacpil

Apr 20 to May 8, 2012 • Video Room

Graphically distorted and grotesque, young artist Redd Nacpil’s works combine wry humor and an almost surreal mishmash of images. Works such as Heavbigats display Nacpil’s signature visual technique of distorting and elongating forms and figures, turning the canvas into a carnival mirror. In Nacpil’s world, space and forms are bent, pulled apart and twisted like rubber bands.

The artist also utilizes verbal puns to add more references to his works. Frank and Stella, for example, pokes fun at American artist Frank Stella’s geometric abstraction, defacing the latter with graffiti from the infatuated undead. Often, Nacpil’s works are also unfolding accounts for stories that have yet to see closure. Andresteamate, for example, captures a critical moment between two figures poised for the kill, with the giant underestimating the hidden weapon of the underdog. Nacpil leaves the final fate of the victor ambiguous and untold, leaving the story for the viewer to finish.