Monoliths • Ian Quirante

Mar 5 to Mar 26, 2014 • Upstairs Gallery

Towering edifices, hovering rocks, stretched organic-like landscapes, scattered anatomical parts, familiar objects, and Greek/Roman-inspired massive sculptures are a few of the various images that are present in the artwork, seemingly formed dreamscapes devoid of any conscious narrative. Gathering various stimuli culled up from in my immediate surroundings and personal history, I present here distinct imageries that are reminiscent of the meanderings of the human mind, a vast and limitless vault of thoughts and memories where nothing is virtually impossible to happen. Working with “psychic automatism” as my ground, whipping out these paintings unaware of the end result, adapting succeeding images from the outcome of the previous while relying on stocks of iconographies. The introduction of value and depth creates contrast to my past usual linear compositions, reinforcing my inclination to the fusion of drawing and painting techniques. In the artwork, I explore the various scenarios of the human mind, at the same time reveal the workings of my own (sub)consciousness.