New Ending, Old Story • Kim Oliveros

Jul 13 to Aug 4, 2021 • Tall Gallery

The artist recounts awaking to the sound of the sewing machine as a child; a mechanism which served to be his alarm clock on a school day.

His playground resembling a dance between order and chaos, Oliveros vividly describes exploring his mother’s factory workshop: a tight turvy occupied by mounds of fabric thickened with the agitation of a buzzing noise; the kernel within this frenzy being the consistency of pattern—a tranquility which seems to have hemmed the artist’s attitudes.

As children fear the unknown, routines protect their sense of security.

Attaining a sense of equilibrium through the sterile progressions of his process, Oliveros terms his painting procedure a concrete plan.

While others seem to reject the banality of manual labor, Oliveros embraces every step of craftwork with an exhaustive thoroughness, declining all supposed benefits of delegation;

The artist needing to do all things by himself, for himself.

In “New Ending, Old Story,” the painter counters all traces of disruption by stitching refuse from his former shows: fringed imagery woven as pattern—a stillness calming the variabilities of our present disarray.

—Dani Valenzuela