O • Pipo Alido

Jul 11 to Jul 30, 2012 • Video Room

At Finale’s Video Room, visual artist Pipo Alido shares his recent collection of phantasmagoric creatures created in oil on canvas: a collection of neon monstrosities mixing elements from both fantasy and folklore.

Yo!!! screams for attention, grabbing the viewer by surprise. Alido creates curious monsters that seem to rise up in the dead of night, ready to pounce on hapless visitors roaming through their realm. Their rastafari eyes suddenly light up at the sight of life, tendrils and limbs glowing like neon signs in the dark.

Alido has a penchant for conjuring grotesque characters, dating back even before Declaration of Independence: My Right to Madness, his first one-man show, was exhibited in Finale Art File in February 2010. In this latest one-man show, Alido increasingly moves away from his more complex compositions of the past and focuses on the individual entities that inhabit his strange world of visions.

In contrast to the elaborate and convoluted forms taken on by his subjects, Alido gives his works straightforward titles – such as Kapit, Tiwala, Pintig, Ulan and Lingon –hinting at the hidden, teeming power beneath such simple elements of emotion and nature. Ulan, for instance, recasts the terrifying blue creature on canvas as a fluid form waiting to be unleashed, gigantic hands raring to reach the unsuspecting victim of its wrath. Other subjects—such as Tiwala engrossed in blowing smoke rings at a midnight sun and Kapit clutching at a green apple—similarly inhabit the confines of the artist’s canvas as half-threatening, half-benevolent beings. In Pipo Alido’s dark, magical realm, Yo!!! is a friendly shoutout that one should better heed.