Off • Poklong Anading

Dec 6, 2012, to Jan 2, 2013 • Video Room

Recorded with a phone camera, this film installation projects a wavering, close-up image of a liquid crystal display, deliberately switched off.

Anading constructs this piece in the context of a society that has become overrun by spectacle, when constructed images in mass media and other avenues of globalized information dissemination have permeated every aspect of modern life. Surveillance cameras, social media applications, advertising campaigns, publicity and news coverage—all are continually in a state of active recording, turned on continuously like an omniscient presence.

Anading responds to this with a reflexive gesture of resistance.“This piece frustrates the pervasive desire to capture and display images—turning the technological gaze onto itself. “Off” can be read as a command to brush away or close the camera eye,” Anading says of the work. The message of Off is as straightforward as it can get: that the capacity and the choice to disarm and disable the dominance of spectacle lies in our own hands, still.