Parallel Landscapes • Veronica Peralejo

Mar 6 to Jun 4, 2020 • Upstairs Gallery

Veronica Peralejo investigates the dynamics of manipulating space to create a visual spectacle of multifaceted landscapes. Her artworks are often referencing familiar objects, and imageries, constructed into witty hybrid abstract formations.

In a new series of works, Veronica Peralejo uses landscapes as an existential metaphor. The artist suspends an eggshell in a hand-bound book as she tries to interpret life tunneling through space and time, bridging the present, with the past, and the future. The cut out landscapes are deconstructs of imagined spaces where our known reality ends, and the vastness of the universe begins.

Veronica tries to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based entirely on subjective associations, with which the viewers can establish a new spectrum of formal parallelisms.