Play • Ian Quirante

Jun 7 to Jun 30, 2012 • Upstairs Gallery

Noted for his surreal and spontaneous approach towards image-making, young artist Ian Quirante presents new mixed media paintings and sculptures in Play, his latest one-man show at Finale.

Quirante’s previous exhibitions have featured oil on canvas paintings: strange and fragmented mindscapes populated by a composite of faces, viscera and formulaic texts. The works in Play explore now new ground by incorporating found objects—such as model plane parts, toy figurines and chicken wire—transforming images previously confined to flat canvases to three-dimensional and sculptural pieces. As the title of the show suggests, Quirante engages in exploration and experimentation with new dimensions to his art-making. In his previous works, Quirante tended to conjure and conjoin various organic forms; in this show, he now incorporates objects of a mechanical or technological nature into his existing iconography, demonstrating how both worlds are inextricable and interconnected with each other.