Playing House • Yasmin Sison

Nov 7 to Nov 25, 2013 • Tall Gallery

Home prefigures much in Sison’s works as it becomes subject and setting for all her extrapolations on memory and its very mutability springing from the dynamics of imagination and cognitive development primarily at work in play.

Not straying much from a recent series that was part of a two-man exhibit with real life partner, Mariano Ching, in Stacking Up, where they similarly worked on the image and idea of the home, stacking up the everyday quotidian and the ideal resulting in collages and assemblages of castles , spires and forts, structures envisioned from the realm of dreaming.

In Playing House, Sison stacks up doll house furniture that are reconfigured and mutated further by molding in paper mache and encaustic, rendering their familiar and functional traits partially obliterated, their rigid outlines melding with surface, as carpentry melting into malleable loam, beds piled on precariously as towers, the next a mountain of chairs joined together at their legs, their forms transmutating in infinite configurations, subverting in the process the traditional function of doll houses.