Plural Form of Life • Jukus Sepada

Feb 6 to Mar 2, 2020 • Upstairs Gallery

Plural Form of Life is Jukus Sepada’s first solo exhibition. His ethos is inspired by the Situationist International of the 1950s especially by the thinking that individual expression should be through honest lived experiences instead of within the capitalist system of consumption of our superficial desires. The artist is also influenced by the situationists’ collage works and punk aesthetic that utilizes the photocopying technique and use of found images to convey dystopian settings amid war, poverty, politics, nature, destruction, capitalism, religion, science, death. Sepada grew up where violence was the norm between gangs before they moved to the calmer neighborhood of Bulacan. The grit of the city is evident in his works even if he has retreated to the province. The seemingly random combinations of pictures are ubiquitous images representative of culled observations of how people move, the fast-paced lifestyle, traffic and congestion, the toxicity and crime in the metro.

A plural form of life is an assault to the capitalist-induced social alienation. Through the demands of living within a material-centered system, we are conditioned to alienate ourselves from humanity by depriving us of the right to think of ourselves as director of our actions. Our relationships are transactional, corporations dictate the value of goods and services, our economic entity is directed to the goals and activities dominated by the bourgeoisie, and the time we have is spent on labor instead of self-realization. Sepada is thinking aloud in this exhibition. He has created a “situation” as opposed to the “spectacle.” Crafted is a moment that stimulates the criticality on the every day to pursue our genuine desires rather than the false realities that disguises deteriorating human life. (Con Cabrera)