Present Tense • Robert Langenegger, Redd Nacpil, Nikki Ocean, Ian Quirante, Liv Vinluan, Paulo Vinluan

Jul 3 to Jul 25, 2015 • Tall Gallery

Hybrid worlds and modern mythologies are collectively conjured in this exhibition of new works by contemporaries Robert Langenegger, Redd Nacpil, Ian Quirante, and Paulo Vinluan. Visceral and surreal, the works derive images and references from various sources: from Classical mythology to the natural sciences; from landscapes real and imagined to the recesses of the mind; from the grit and grime of the everyday Philippines to the cosmos beyond.

The works are progressions of each artist’s current practice. Vinluan, for instance, expands his explorations of his ongoing painting series on Sisyphean imagery by exhibiting hand drawn animation videos. Quirante delves into the otherworldly realms of the mind by conjuring imaginary configurations of body and territory. Nacpil continues to confound by exhibiting distorted yet vividly-colored graphic narratives. Combined, the works all point to the reproduction and multiplication of images and mythologies made possible within contemporary art.