Prism: Geometric Abstractions • Rodolfo Gan

Jan 8 to Jan 30, 2014 • Upstairs Gallery

The visual encounter with pure form can be an experience with transcendence, distilled. Rodolfo Gan’s exhibition, entitled Prism: Geometric Abstractions, brings the viewer to such a fascination with the sublime.

The exhibition features works produced by Gan over the past three years: a series of austere yet luminescent abstract forms and lines, pared down to a intense encounter between color, plane and light. Here, neutral foregrounds shift and dissolve into glowing, warm planes. The cube is re-constructed and re-worked: not as a compact and self-contained form, but as a planar extension of infinity.

Rodolfo Gan (b. 1949) was a Thirteen Artists Awardee of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. In 1971, he represented the Philippines in the 7th Paris Biennale and the ASEAN collection exhibited in Israel, Jakarta and Hong Kong. Gan is a Fine Arts graduate of the University of Santo Tomas and a recipient of the university’s Benavides Award.

Gan describes his absence of nearly three decades away from the Philippine art scene as a period for “time, space and quiet…a process of unlearning what one has learned.” This, he adds, was a purifying experience, one that gave him the freedom to move outside existing art circles and explore ideas and possibilities of geometric abstraction.

As an artist, Gan believes that geometry has the ability to “create works that would defy time.” Combined with abstraction, geometry can yield forms that are forward-looking, fresh and dynamic—capable of creating dialogues between and across cultural and geographical divides. “I want to develop art whose appeal is not confined to any particular group or race, but [which is] universal. I endeavor to express rationally a calming and almost therapeutic aesthetic experience,” the artist says of the exhibition.