Private Viewing • Annie Cabigting

May 5 to May 27, 2017 • Video Room

‘Private Viewing’ is both the culmination and continuum of an experiment that Annie Cabigting started in 2012. Toying with the concept of concealment as an extended and possibly permanent exhibitionary state, Cabigting’s solo exhibition at that time titled ‘Under Wraps’ presented a series of concealed paintings positioned on pedestals. The sequence of carefully covered canvases remained in this state of prolonged suspension: eluding the anticipated act of unveiling within and beyond their existence in the gallery space.

This exhibit revisits and presents images from ‘Under Wraps’, five years after they have been dispersed throughout individual collections. The cycle of their lives as objects for private viewing goes full circle in this show, revealing their states of display half a decade after this initial act of anticipation. What has changed? What remains and may change? Cabigting’s long durational gestures tease out the nature of painting as both concealment and revelation: transforming the act of covering into the process of conjuring.

—Lisa Ito