Process of Elimination • Nicole Coson

Apr 6 to Apr 30, 2016 • Tall Gallery

For its visitors, the precise arrangement of stone and sand in the famous Ryoanji Garden in Kyoto maintains a playful tradition of conjecture: a mother tiger carrying her baby cubs across the river, islands between the sea, enlightenment, emptiness.
Following her exploration of captured phantoms and flash constructions, Nicole Coson’s practice builds upon the way such impressions develop in the mind. Here, stone against sand are like clouds against sky, where the instinct to “make sense” of such formations is a generative but ultimately misleading exercise.
A combination of printmaking and painting, Coson’s second solo exhibit at Finale Art File recomposes a rock arrangement through a breakdown of its elements. The stones rebuild their size and mass upon the canvas and at the center, lengths of blue velvet catches the invisible plane of arrangement.
Nicole Coson (b.1992, Manila) completed her BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in 2014. She is currently based in London.

—Mara Coson