Progenitor • Ian Quirante

Jul 7 to Jul 30, 2016 • Upstairs Gallery

Ian Quirante’s show of new works takes off from the process of automatism, defined as the performance of actions without conscious thought or intention. Referenced in the surrealist manifestos of André Breton and by succeeding generations of modern artists, automatism has retained its appeal and power as a means for surfacing images of desire, self, and dreams.

Ian Quirante’s employment of this process for his works yields a series of new works about the idea of the progenitor: the genetic and ancestral origins from which the current has evolved. Inspired by what the artist calls “anatomical landscapes” and structures influenced by Brutalist architecture, the series delves into how we as humans have, in the artist’s words, “become the progenitor of the modern age [and] the architect of our future, who possesses the means to create, enhance and destroy”.

—Lisa Ito