Reactive Painting • Kristian Kragelund

Apr 6 to Apr 30, 2016 • Upstairs Gallery

Danish artist Kristian Kragelund shares a series of works from a larger and ongoing research project on process-based painting and sculpture.

Interested in painting without using actual paint, Kragelund explores image making through combining different materials and chemicals. This series is produced using canvas coated with a mixture of acrylic binder, metal powder, and acid, which chemically reacts with each other to oxidize and alter the paintings’ surface.

Combining the processes of control and randomness, the resulting compositional arrangements are examples of what Kragelund terms as ‘staged expressionism’. Connecting the physical process of painting to the broader issue of multicultural formations and intersecting identities, Kragelund seeks to draw out and explore qualities inherent to the material itself, rather than dwell on surface appearances.

Kragelund is based in London and is an alumnus of Central Saint Martins. He works across a variety of media, focusing on exploring the potentials of painting and sculpture. He has been shortlisted for several awards, including the 2012 The NeoArt Prize, the 2013 Sixth Annual Digital Graffiti Award, and the 2015 Bloomberg New Comtemporaries award.

—Lisa Ito