Recurrences • Julio San Jose, Neo Maestro, Vladimir Grutas, David Viray

Sep 9 to Sep 28, 2016 • Video Room

The term, recurrence, when spoken, read or heard often incites thoughts and images of clean slates and stainless facades, or immaculate rebirths, fresh from unblighted wombs. But steering away from this ideal notion of recurrence, these four, young artists made works that probe at the idea of renewal from widely varying points of view.

Julio San Jose’s works Operation for Transformation and Return of Function draws from a bizarre renewal in which it is seen as a passageway for human biological evolution in accounts of supernatural events. Vladimir Grutas, presenting two works, first seeks to reestablish the intuitive relationship of the object presented to the viewer with his work Feet Off Please, Hands Off Please, For Your Eyes Only. His second work Kayod Kabayo attempts to revive the image of old-fashioned and romanticized definition of hard work. Neo Maestro deals with a failed restoration of clarity within his own memory and his own stream of consciousness in his work In Memory Out, leaving him somewhat left out of his own thoughts. And in his series of works, David Viray questions the importance of worshipping spiritual sculptures, the Bul-ul, if it still serves its purpose of protecting and providing goods for their lands, when in fact it cannot even protect the lives of the people who inhabit the land.