Safe Space: House Warming • Nikki Ocean

Oct 18 to Nov 14, 2017 • Upstairs Gallery
House Rules

dear guest,

  1. Care for a snack? The kitchen is to the left. Please, feel at home.

    You seem pleasantly familiar

    So I’ll let you raid my refrigerator; and I’ll even share the bacon I brought home–given that I run on a full stomach myself.

    I’m not sorry for keeping sacred, the fire that fuels my belly.

  2. You’re welcome to stay: an hour, a few days; forever?

    Granted that we stand       a l o n e       together.

  3. Silence is served on a daily basis; if it does not suit your unrest, kindly leave.

  4. Dining varies from the freshly baked to the left over, from takeout to slow-cooked meals, in the home to the street; my kitchen is nothing but mingled.

    Dearest guest, if your palate resists the bittersweet taste of adventure, then don’t occupy space in my living room. Coffee is always intoxicating.

  5. I’ll slip into my intimates once in a while: disheveled hair and ragged pajamas, moods and melancholy.

    Those who mind must leave; and those who matter won’t.

  6. House fixtures comprise of paint stains and motley music, a library, stacks of notes, seasoned objects, tools and tools, whimsy, and toil; film with soft lighting, and a flurry of blooms potted in soil.

    Kindly make room for treasure; it’s the only way to save space.

  7. Please take down the picket fence around my perimeter; it cages the lush, and these flowers grow wild.

  8.               Last but not the least: keep off the art.

    This house was built surreal.

This is my home eternal. May you grace its floors with reverence.