Search Results • Francis Commeyne, Cris Mora

Oct 18 to Nov 14, 2017 • Video Room

The Other Lives of Objects

Artists Francis Commeyne and Cris Mora mobilize customary sights and objects to direct us to other ways of knowing. Colored clay blocks, tarpaulin, and images of swimming pools are gathered in this space of viewing to deploy the mundane as cipher of contemporary life. They worked with readily found objects and images, convening them in ways that simultaneously reveal their ordinariness while signaling truths often ignored or denied.

By producing an algorithm founded on seriality that can only be articulated by art’s ordering of things, the works surface the perennial disjuncture evident in city environments. It has become less useful to think of cities as just first- or third-worlds: one exists in the other. Most prosperous urban enclaves are ringed by slums, often the source of labour oiling the efficient machinery of development. Commeyne and Mora through a decontextualization of form and purpose point to more than the attributes of things art can reinvent.

Color, composition, and cropping are the mechanics of rendition and at the same time, a diagnostic means. While these objects abound in everyday life, they are imbued rarity in an art setting. Altogether, they speak to structures founded on latent scarcity and pervasive inequality. At no other time in history are we most prosperous, yet the numbers suffering hunger is at a record high. At the core of this art making is a repurposing of not only objects but also knowledge work. It is a reconfiguration of knowledge that allows an expansive reading of the world and the possibilities of remaking it.

Tessa Maria Guazon