See No Evil • Romina Diaz

Feb 16 to Mar 9, 2017 • Video Room

Anesthetized: To render physically insensible, as by an anesthetic.

We have become anesthetized to the daily bombardment and overload of images through media. We have become apathetic to poverty; numb towards brutality, violence, pain, hunger and death. Empathy is disappearing. The armor of egotistical survival separates our fate from the lives of the ones most affected; our voices are kept meek.

See No Evil is a sound installation that deprives you of sight. It concentrates on sounds of events and moments that compel you to either stand, leave, stay or listen. The installation desires to stimulate lost sensitivity and to evoke human compassion. It is a reminder that we are part of the greater whole, that we are not separated from everything happening around us.

It is a warning: everything will catch up with the reality we create around ourselves. Inside these glass bowls that we blow so confidently around us are the stones of reality that shall sooner or later shatter such shelter, leaving only shards of glass.

—Romina Diaz