Somethin’ Somethin’ • Marija Vicente

Sep 2 to Sep 27, 2011 • Video Room

Somethin’ Somethin’, featuring new works by young artist Marija Vicente, will be on view at the Video Room of Finale Art File from September 2 to 27, 2011.

Vicente’s figurative paintings source their images from different sources she is exposed to daily: multi-media such as television and the internet; malls, magazines and other spaces of consumerism and desire; personal belongings, everyday observations, and found objects.

In this show, Vicente reflects on the multiplicity of images that technology allows to be reproduced. “Some images start to look alike. Or look different, yet mean the same thing. Anything can have its own substitutes in an image or a picture. A copy will always have a copy, copy copy! Everything looks like something else,” she says.

Yet while she draws her inspiration from everyday images, Vicente’s works in Somethin’ Somethin’ deliberately make unfamiliar these ordinary objects and representations. She creates paintings of surreal beings and scenes, bathed in psychedelic hues and somber stares.

“I like the seduction of having many windows to look through,” the artist says. Her paintings mirror this fascination with reality, drawing desire and strangeness out of the mundane and the mainstream.

Vicente was already active in art exhibitions before graduating from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts this year. She has already staged two solo exhibitions of her work since 2009 and has participated in various group shows since her UP freshman year in 2008.