Speck of Dust • Beejay Esber

Jan 12 to Jan 29, 2018 • Upstairs Gallery

Speck of Dust is a collection of imagined landscapes that respond to the current social situation. In continued exploration of his consciousness, histories and present sentiments, Beejay Esber creates intuitive composite abstractions of interestingly atypical details from objects and environments that surround him. Dream-like figures that blur the lines of fiction and reality merge together across the canvas, generating visions that feel vaguely familiar but ultimately unknown.

The taking and weaving of these seemingly trifling elements stand in ironic contrast to the tendency of man to conflate the ego, particularly in the advent of democratic platforms such as the social media. This trend of painting oneself as the pinnacle of the universe fosters a world of pride and narrow-mindedness, where there is an often unconscious dismissal of respect and regard for others. As an act of stepping back, he reflects and delves into the significant and often neglected notion of humility and smallness — where man is but another species, another creature in the larger scheme of things. (IF)