The Book of Silence • Kedsuda Loogthong

Mar 6 to Apr 1, 2013 • Upstairs Gallery

“I am with silence and the books that I do not understand”

Most of my daily life is often being alone in the environment of things around me that I bind up with. I often have different feeling like loneliness, sadness, happiness, warmth, etc. all happens in the midst of Silence surrounded me all the time.

What I often do is to pick different books that I keep to read as a friend. Most of books that I have, have been collected since I was in the campus. I feel that each type of book has it own personality that I can feel it, even just to see it from the outside without reading. Western philosophy books, English books, various academic and knowledge books are those that I can feel their personality the most. The silence and the cold, coming out of these books make me feel a shadow of myself laying over the book ….. a book that I cannot understand.

I cannot deny myself that the contents in these books may be too difficult for me but I would love to read it because reading makes a conversation between me and the book. What has arisen from the state of not understanding makes the dialogue in silence goes on so slowly and calmly and perhaps even the sound of things around me cannot replace the stillness in such a weird atmosphere in the silence inside me. My encountering in the midst of silence many times give a positive impact on my thinking, my internal feeling and emotional understanding of myself through memories in the past that has condition of time as a determinant of all things..

My work in this series is a creative work, using the said feeling to create the sense and transfer to a small painting through the imagery representation of bookshelf, books, things and appliances used in daily life, such as glasses, handbags that reflect my thoughts and feelings to the things around me.